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Sodium Sulphate is one of our finest and trending products and this website is completely focused on the different aspects pertaining to it. We supply top brands of sodium sulphate from some of the world’s best manufacturers in Asia and Europe. Our presence in global markets and supply chain capabilities benefits us with different sourcing opportunities, quality and pricing which in return results in better service to our customers.
Sodium Sulphate is an inorganic solid present in anhydrous and hydrate forms. It is a major commodity chemical widely applied in textile, detergent, glass and paper manufacturing. The demand for sodium sulphate is expected to witness strong growth in the near future. Global sodium sulphate market is expected to show stable growth mainly driven by Asia Pacific (China, Indonesia, India, South Korea, Malaysia, etc.) and Latin America regions (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico). Mexico and Spain were the world’s main producers of natural sodium sulphate with Russia, USA and Canada following after. However in recent years china has been main producer of the same.