Overview of Sodium Sulphate

Sodium sulphate with formula Na2SO4 is an inorganic compound, white in color and high solubility in water is widely used chemical commodity. In its decahydrate form, known as the mineral mirabilite is widely used by chemical industry and is also called as Glaubers salt [discovered by Johann Rudolf Glaubers in 1625].
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Global Market for Sodium Sulphate

Brazil and Argentina are becoming significant consumers in Latin America, as are Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Republic of Korea in Asia which has resulted in increase in export from china. Due to higher natural occurrence china is fulfilling the growing demands of the same in asian markets. Also Chinese market has seen growth of 2–3% annually. In near a similar growth pattern is also expected in Asia and other developing countries, since in developing countries, where dry powder is typically used instead of liquid detergents, is expected to be above GDP levels. The current market in North America is balanced to slightly tight. Also liquid cleaners have not taken hold in the Mexican market and powder continues to dominate, resulting in the use of more sodium sulphate. Also, with Chinese textile companies facing increasing costs for wages, some textile operations have returned to Mexico and this trend is expected to continue. As a result, sodium sulfate consumption in this market segment is expected to continue to grow.